2nd Monitoring Visit of the LIFE IP CYzero WASTE Project

The 2nd external monitoring visit of the project LIFE IP CYzero WASTE “Intelligent monitoring and efficient waste reduction in Cyprus Island” coordinated by the Department of Environment (DoE), Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment has been completed with great success.

The monitoring session took place on Thursday, January 19th 2022, in the presence of the external monitoring team members, Mr. Cesar Seoanez [Project Manager at the European Climate, Infrastructures and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)], Pavlos Doikos and Elias Demian (Technical Monitors, NEEMO), and the seventeen (17) beneficiaries of the project.

Mr. Costas Chadjipanayiotou, Director of DoE opened the session with a speech. Additionally, Dr. Nasia Dikigoropoulou  presented the National Waste Management Plan 2022-2028, whichwas approved in July 2022.

In the form of a hybrid event, the monitoring day included a presentation of the project’s, which took place in the Event Hall of the Nicosia Municipality, a project’s associated beneficiary.

The external monitoring team was informed in detail about the overall development of the project and more specifically about its preparatory actions. The presentations were a trigger for a constructive dialogue, in which key observations and comments of the monitors were used to highlight the positive aspects of theproject and the progress that has been achieved, as well as what needs to be addressed for the smooth development of the implementation phase.

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