Visit to the Precious Plastics plastic recycling workshop

On Thursday, April 18, 2024, the LIFE IP CYzero WASTE Project visited the Precious Plastics plastic recycling workshop in Dali.

It all started from the need to find a solution to one of the biggest challenges, plastic waste. The Precious Plastic Cyprus initiative works through experimentation, making and recreating objects using waste. Precious Plastic Cyprus is part of Precious Plastic’s global initiative, which openly offers a solution to the problem called plastic waste.

The workshop area is located in Dali, where the Precious Plastic Cyprus team collects, with specialized machinery shreds and repurposes plastic waste. A simple plastic bag can be transformed into handmade bags and wallets with the art of recycling. Plastic caps are transformed into coasters, furniture and accessories.

Also, in the workshop space, trainings and workshops are organized for all ages.

The visit was very constructive and we hope for future cooperation in the context of the project using the recyclable materials of the Green Kiosks for the manufacture of new products.

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