Starting a Partnership with Friends of the Earth

The LIFE IP CYzero WASTE-LIFE20/IPE/CY/000011 Project “Intelligent Monitoring and Efficient Waste Reduction in Cyprus Island” welcomes with great pleasure the NGO Friends of the Earth, who, in collaboration with the Zero Food Waste Cyprus Initiative and NGOs, Let’s Make Cyprus Green and the Ecological Movement of Cyprus will implement a series of actions, with a central focus on the Prevention of Food Waste Production (Action C4) and more specifically the sub-action C4.3 “Demonstration actions to prevent the production of food waste and agricultural waste”.

This sub-action, based on the project’s grant agreement, foreseen the publication of an open call, in order to select the beneficiary/beneficiaries who will participate in the project, with the aim of implementing innovative demonstration actions regarding the prevention of food waste production. A key criterion in this decision was the strengthening of existing good practices, so that the project contributes to their better consolidation and development.

The Open Call was preceded by the development of a set of criteria, which were incorporated into the call to guide the process of evaluating proposals. In addition to securing the formal responsibilities, the submitted proposals were evaluated in terms of the presentation of the actions they would implement, the expected results, the implementation schedule and the staffing of the project team. Furthermore, ensuring the sustainability of the actions and the synergies they may have with other local actions were evaluated with a significant score. The evaluation was carried out by a special committee of representatives of the partners participating in this action (Department of Environment, Agricultural Research Institute, National Technical University of Athens, Development Agency of Nicosia, Development Agency of Limassol, Development Agency of Larnaca & Famagusta Districts, Development Agency of Paphos Aphrodite, Development Agency of Mountain Communities Troodos). The NGO, Friends of the Earth, which is also the beneficiary of the sub-action, stood out with a higher score. The corporate structure (4 organisations-Zero Food Waste Cyprus, Let’s Make Cyprus Green, Ecological Movement Cyprus and Friends of the Earth Cyprus) makes up the Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus (ZWAC), which is an alliance of organizations inspired by the pan-European Zero Waste Europe Network. The Cyprus Alliance works together to ensure a zero waste future in Cyprus, through lobbying, awareness raising and other zero waste actions.

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