Presentation of the Final Sustainability Study “Establishment of a System of Sorting at Source and Separate Collection of Recyclable and Organic Waste and Implementation of a Pay as You Throw (PAYT) System with a pre-paid bag, in the Municipality of Aradippou and the Communities of Troulli, Kellia and Koshi”

On Thursday February 15, 2024 at 09:30 a.m., the presentation of the Sustainability Study of the Pay as You Throw (PAYT) scheme, which is to be established in the new complex of the Municipality, was organized by the Municipality of Aradippou, at the House of Historical and Folklore Archives of the Municipality of Aradippou, and the Communities of Troulli, Kellia and Koshi, based on the Local Government Reform.

The National Technical University of Athens, through the LIFE IP CYzero WASTE Project, is preparing the Sustainability Study, taking into account the circulars of the Department of Environment, regarding the guidelines for Local Government Authorities and Environmental Consultants for the procedures for the announcement, evaluation, signature of tenders and timetables for the establishment of the PAYT scheme.

The meeting was welcomed by the Mayor of Aradippou, Mr. Evangelos Evaggelidis, the First Environment Officer, Mrs. Elena Stylianopoulou, on behalf of the Department of Environment, and the Professor Mrs. Maria Loizidou, on behalf of the National Technical University of Athens.

This presentation was a continuation of the presentation held on January 16, 2024, and was about the Draft Sustainability Study of the PAYT scheme for the new complex of the Municipality of Aradippou.

The presentation was thorough and related to the way of how the fixed fee was calculated, as well as the projected cost of the bag according to its capacity, based on all the collected data received from the Municipality and the Communities. In more details, the estimation of the social benefits provided by the Municipality, which will remain, the future investments in equipment, the additional staff, the adjustments to the entrance fees to the Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) of Koshi, etc. were taken into account for the calculation of this fixed fee.

From the Sustainability Study it became clear that in order to ensure the financial viability of the Municipality and the Communities and by extension the PAYT scheme, there must be a fixed fee which will be examined/revised every three or five years, and in addition an additional cost from the use of prepaid bag.

The preparation of the Sustainability Study was carried out with a view to fair pricing, which will bring both social and environmental benefits, through the separate sorting of waste at the source, thus contributing to increasing the purity of recyclable materials, as well as increasing recycling rates, reducing at the same time the percentage of waste that ends up at the Integrated Waste Management Facility of Koshi.

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