Online Meeting with the creators of the Fooderloo app

On Friday, April 26, 2024, an online meeting between the LIFE IP CYzero WASTE Project and the creators of the Fooderloo app took place.

Initially, the project’s actions were presented at the meeting, emphasizing the actions to prevent the creation of food waste and agricultural waste as well as education, information and awareness actions that will be implemented during the eight (8) years of the LIFE-IP CYzero WASTE Project as a possible common ground for cooperation.

Afterwards, Mr. Marios Pafitis and Alexandros Varianos, referred to the revolutionary application they created, explaining where the pioneering idea came from and revealing the next expansion plans.

Fooderloo is an app designed to fight food waste and help businesses and consumers save money.

The platform connects restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, street markets, wholesalers and other operators, reducing the production of waste, with consumers who wish to buy completely edible products, which are approaching their expiry date at reduced prices.

This interesting meeting created an environment of open communication between the project and the application, with the aim of further examining the possible ways of cooperation that were formulated during the discussion. Numerical data can be fed from the application in the future for the purposes of monitoring indicators of the Project.

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