Online Info Event, “IMPLEMENTING PAY AS YOU THROW SYSTEM (PAYT): Successful Examples In Mediterranean Cities

An informative online event was successfully held on April 4th, 2023 as a part of the LIFE-IP CYzero WASTE project (LIFE20/IPE/CY/000011), focusing on the successful municipal waste management strategy implemented in Parma, a primarily tourist city in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy with almost 200,000 inhabitants and a high waste production rate. This strategy provides a source of inspiration for other cities and countries seeking ways to achieve zero waste strategies. The keynote speaker of the event was Mr. Gabriele Folli, who served as Deputy Mayor during the implementation of this strategy in Parma (2012-2017).

Mr. Folli’s presentation mainly focused on the reorganization of waste management in the municipality of Parma before and after 2014. The establishment of separate collection of four waste streams through the door-to-door system, the implementation of the Pay As You Throw system (PAYT) with prepaid bins, as well as a range of positive incentives (e.g. discounts for families with newborns and elderly people) contributed to a 15% reduction in overall waste production and an increase in the percentage of separate collection from 48.5% to 81%. The residual waste quantity decreased from 313 kg per inhabitant in 2011 to 106 kg per inhabitant annually in 2017, while the organic fraction separation rate increased to 103 kg per inhabitant annually in 2017.

During his presentation, Mr. Folli also highlighted issues that require attention during the implementation of reforms, such as those described above. Specifically, he mentioned to the importance of choosing the appropriate type and size of bins when applying the PAYT system and the timing of waste collection depending on the area, urban or rural.

The success of the system, as mentioned, is based on the collaboration and coordination among local authorities and stakeholders, as well as the participation of residents and businesses in the area. Finally, it is worth noting that the organization of this specific event was of particular importance for Cyprus, as Cyprus is in the process of establishing a source separation and separate collection system for recyclable and organic waste and applying the PAYT system with a prepaid bag.

Please find the presentation of the event here. 



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